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The Company is one of the major thermal coal producers in Indonesia with a concession area of approximately 7,087 hectares and a total estimated coal reserve of 147 million tons consisting of mid-upper coal quality range of 4,800-5,900 GAR. The Company has 3  mining concessions that are located adjacent to each other in Sangasanga, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.

These 3 concessions are operated by 3 subsidiaries of PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara (ABN), PT Indomining (IM) and PT Trisensa Mineral Utama (TMU). The locations of the 3 mining concessions have adequate logistics access. Therefore, the Company utilizes these advantages to integrate logistics systems and together with subsidiaries use the infrastructure collectively to optimize cost efficiency. Coal sales distribution is becoming more diversified as export markets currently cover notable markets in Asia other than China, such as South Korea, Taiwan,  India, Japan, as well as the ASEAN region. In terms of customer segment, the Company balances the composition between traders and end-users in which the composition of end-users increases, so the Company does not depend on any of the customer segments. Proactively, the Company diversifies its sales aspect to prospective countries to strengthen its financial and operational growth rate.

The Company operates a palm oil processing mill through palm oil plantation subsidiary, PT Perkebunan Kaltim Utama I (PKU) also located in Sangasanga area. In order to maximize the oil palm plantation, the Company built a palm oil mill with a capacity of 30 tons fresh fruit bunch (FFB) per hour to process crude palm oil (CPO) products. The palm oil mill has been in operation since mid-2016.

The Company also took strategic initiatives to create sustainable business growth through business diversification into the power sector. In 2016, the Company started this diversification process through the establishment of subsidiary PT Gorontalo Listrik Perdana (GLP) to develop a 2 x 50 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant (CFPP) in Gorontalo province, Sulawesi. In early 2017, a new subsidiary, PT Minahasa Cahaya Lestari (MCL) was established to develop another 2 x 50 MW  CFPP in North Sulawesi province, Sulawesi. The Company will actively focus on business development in the power segement incorporating fossil-based and non fossil-based energy (renewables) as a strategy to become an integrated energy company by 2020.

At a historic moment on July 6th, 2012, Toba Bara listed its shares at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) under the ticker `TOBA` and released as many as 210,681,000 shares or 10.5% of its paid up capital with an IPO proceed of Rp 400,293,900.000,- The initial share price is offered and traded at Rp 1900 per shares.