Company Overview


2004- ABN and TMU were established in 2004
2005- IM was established in 2005
2006- ABN and IM acquired exploration KP
2007- ABN and IM acquired exploitation KP
- IM commenced production
2008- ABN commenced production
- TMU acquired exploration KP
2009- ABN changed the KP to IUP-OP
2010- IM and TMU changed the KP to IUP-OP
- The company acquired 51.0% of ABN, 52.5% of TBE (which owns IM), and 51.0% of TMU
- The consolidated production of Toba Bara exceeded 3.9 million tons per year
2011- TMU commenced production
- The consolidated production of Toba Bara exceeded 5 million tons per year
2012- The company increased ownership in TBE and TMU, to 99.99% and 99.99%
- The company listed its shares on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (July)
2013- Production of TMU increased to 80-100 thousand tons per month
- IM constructed new coal processing plant
- Operations of TMU - IM hauling road
- Operations of underpass at ABN
- The company took over KPU as a resolution of land overlap.
2014- Operations of overland conveyor
- The consolidated production of Toba Bara reached 8 million tons per year
- PKU commenced the process of the palm oil mill construction with a capacity of 30 tons fresh fruit bunch (FFB) per hour
2015- Number of end-user customers increased to 36.8% from 3.6% in 2014
- Increasing diversification to the sales of target countries
- Continuing development of palm oil mill in PKU, reaching the 70.0% completion
2016- Use of the same contractor by the 3 mining subsidiaries
- Establishment of PT Gorontalo Listrik Perdana (GLP) for 2 x 50 MW coal-fired power project Sulbagut-1 and started diversification into electricity business
- Signing of PPA between GLP and PLN
- Initial sales of palm oil processed by PKS in PKU
2017- Establishment of PT Minahasa Cahaya Lestari (MCL) for coal-fired power plant project Sulut-3, 2 x 50 MW
- Signing of PPA with PLN for Sulut-3 project
- Signing of Special Transaction Loan Facility Agreement (non-revolving) and Non-Cash Loan with Bank Mandiri
- Signing of Engineering Procurement Contract (EPC) with Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co. Ltd. (SEPC) for Sulbagut-1 project
- Signing of Project Financing for Sulbagut-1 project with Bank Mandiri
- Achievement of Financing Date with PLN for Sulbagut-1 project