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PT Paiton Energy

PT Paiton Energy

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    On December 12, 2018, Toba bara PT Toba Bara Sejahtra Tbk (“the Company”), through its subsidiary PT Toba Bara Energi (“TBE”), has acquired shares of PT Batu Hitam Perkasa (“BHP”). Toba Bara owns 100% shares in BHP, which in turn, holds 5% shares of PT Paiton Energy (“PE”).  Established in February 1994, PE is a power plant company that has started its commercial operations of two plants (Unit 7 & 8) in May and July 1999 with total capacity of 615MW each. In March 2012, PE’s Unit 3 commenced its commercial operations with capacity of 815MW, while marking the first power plant in Indonesia using Super Critical Boiler Technology. 

    PE is the first and the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) operating in Indonesia. Currently, PE owns and operates three coal-fired power plants at Paiton Power Complex in East Java and provide 2,045 MW of power to PT PLN (persero), which is approximately 6% of total installed capacity in Java island.

    PE generates approximately 13,500 GWh of electricity per year, which contribute to around 10% of the annual electricity consumption in Java island.

    PE Power stations deliver reliable source of electricity to PLN under long term Power Purchase Agreement.

    PE has distinguished itself as a reliable supplier of electricity, providing support to local communities in East Java as well as to other projects throughout Indonesia.