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PT Trisensa Mineral Utama

PT Trisensa Mineral Utama

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    PT Trisensa Mineral Utama (TMU) is a coal concession with administrative mining area covering 3,414 ha (area code of KTN 2010 3133 OP) in Loa Janan Sub-district, Sangasanga, Muara Jawa, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province or 40 kilometers southeast of Samarinda.

    TMU has received official approval to conduct mining activities and the sale of excavated products according to Kutai Kartanegara Regent’s Decree No. 540/3133/IUP-OP/MB-PBAT/XII/2010 concerning the approval of Mining Production Operation Permit (KTN 2010 3133 OP) dated 14 December, 2010. Based on JORC Reports conducted by Marston & Marston, Inc. on 30 October, 2011, TMU has total estimated reserves of 8 million tons and total resources of 43 million tons.

    The coal products produced by TMU have an average calori of 4,800 GAR with total sulphur below 1%. The quality of this coal is enough to meet market demand of low sulfur coal. Implementation of OSH management applied in TMU refers to OSH Management program/plan in accordance with applicable legislation. Environmental management and monitoring activities undertaken by TMU include reforestation activities at road and stockpile embankment, Front Load Scales, Settling Pond, Waste Dump and New Bench Office. At this time, TMU also conducts the management and monitoring of water, dust, noise, B3 waste and domestic waste quality, and monitoring erosion level.

    Mining activities are conducted through mining contractor PT Cipta Kridatama (CK) by open-pit mining with truck and shovel methods, which includes removal of overburden and extraction of coal. As TMU is landlocked, the mined coal can be transported and processed at either ABN or IM mine sites. If at ABN facilities, TMU’s coal is transported on a 18 km distance using all-weather haul road by trucks to ABN’s ROM stockpile, then is fed into the crusher before ending up at ABN’s jetty facility on a 5 km overland conveyor. Alternatively, if at IM’s facilities, the distances from TMU’s pit to IM’s crusher and IM’s jetty are around 24 km and 30 km respectively.

    JORC Resource Statement

    JORC Reserve Statement

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    Coal Specifications

    Concession AreaTM 
    (Total Moisture)
    (Inherent Moisture)
    (Volatile Matter)
    (Hardgrove Index)
    (Total Sulphur)
    (Total Sulphur)
      (%ARB) (%adb) (%adb) (%adb)  (%adb) (kcal/kg) 
    ABN 56 HS1913639451.86,1005,600
    ABN 56 RS1913539450.86,1005,600
    ABN 581813539450.86,2505,800
    ABN 59 LS18132.539450.46,3005,900