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PT Indomining

PT Indomining

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    PT Indomining (IM) has a concession area of approximately 683 hectares in the Sangasanga subdistrict of Kutai Kartanegara, about 38 kilometers southeast of Samarinda, the capital of East Kalimantan Province and a short distance away from the Mahakam river.

    According to the last JORC report per 1 January 2012 by mining consultant PT SMG, IM has a total coal resource of around 37 million tons and coal reserves of about 22 million tons. IM operates under Production Operation Mining Operation License No. 540/1410/IUP-OP/MB-PBAT/VI/2010 dated 22 June, 2010, as has been extended with Mining Production Operation Production Permit no. 540/004/IUP-OP/MBPBAT/III/2013 dated 15 March, 2013. IM production phase began in August 2007, while commercial production started in September 2007.

    IM coal products have quality of 5,400-5,800 GAR with total sulphur content of 0.2%-2.0%. IM mining activities are carried out by mining contractor, PT Cipta Kridatama (CK), using surface open pit mining with truck and shovel method. Heavy equpment used includes trucks and excavators (max 125 ton excavators and max 80 ton dump trucks). The mined coal is transported on a 4 km truck haulage to ROM stockpile, where it is processed by a 1,000 tph capacity crusher (5 million tons/annum capacity). Total ROM stockpile and crushed coal stockpile capacity are estimated at around 240,000 tons. Subsequently it is transported to IM’s barge-loading facility via a 5.5 km overland conveyor with capacity of 1,000 tph (5 million tons per annum capacity), where it is loaded directly onto 300-foot barge. The close proximity of the coal mine site to the loading site enables IM to manage ideal cost structure and ensure smooth coal delivery to its customers. The barging process and distance to the transhipment points of Muara Jawa (65 km) and Muara Berau (120 km) are similar to those of ABN.

    JORC Resource Statement

    JORC Reserve Statement

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    Coal Specifications

    Concession AreaTM 
    (Total Moisture)
    (Inherent Moisture)
    (Volatile Matter)
    (Hardgrove Index)
    (Total Sulphur)
    (Total Sulphur)
      (%ARB) (%adb) (%adb) (%adb)  (%adb) (kcal/kg) 
    ABN 56 HS1913639451.86,1005,600
    ABN 56 RS1913539450.86,1005,600
    ABN 581813539450.86,2505,800
    ABN 59 LS18132.539450.46,3005,900