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PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara

PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara

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    Established since 2004, commenced exploration and infrastructure development in 2007 and commercial production in 2008, ABN has Production Operation Mining Business License No. 540/1691/IUP-OP/MBPBAT/XII/2009 dated 1 December 2009.  Based on the last JORC report by mining consultant PT Runge Indonesia, as of 31 December, 2011, ABN has coal resources of approximately 156 million tons and coal reserves of approximately 117 million tons consisting of coal quality 5,200-5,900 GAR.

    ABN covers approximately 2,990 hectares, located in the Kampung Jawa Village, Sangasanga District and Muara Kembang Village, Muara Jawa District, Regency of Kutai Kartanegara, 30 kilometers southeast of Samarinda (East Kalimantan’s Capital) and a short distance away from the Mahakam River. Access to the concession area from Samarinda is by road or speedboat. The ABN concession area consists of two distinct areas, ABN East and ABN West. Currently, through its mining contractor, PT Cipta Kridatama (CK), ABN operates open-pit surface mining methods for, among others, removal of overburden and extraction of coal. This uses heavy equipment (maximum 250 ton excavators and maximum 100 ton dump trucks).

    ABN’s operation is supported by diversified infrastructure consisting of 4 km haul road, 1,800 tph coal processing plant (crusher), and 4.7 km overland conveyor (OLC) with a 1,700 tons/hour (tph) capacity that loads coal directly onto 300-foot barge. This barge can load and transport coal up to 8,000 tons. Combined ROM (run-of-mine), crushed coal and jetty stockpile capacity is estimated at 580,000 tons, while the 1,800 tph crusher translates to capacity of up to 10 million tpa. ABN’s typical coal has inherently low ash content, hence does not require washing.

    After loading process at the jetty, the coal is barged along the Mahakam River to either one of two open sea transhipment points of Muara Jawa (65 km) and Muara Berau (120 km), depending on periods of the year. Favorable locations of the mine to the transhipment points and key end customer markets in Asia that are predominantly in the Asia Pacific region represent a competitive advantage.


    JORC Resource and Reserve Statement

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    Coal Specifications

    Concession AreaTM 
    (Total Moisture)
    (Inherent Moisture)
    (Volatile Matter)
    (Hardgrove Index)
    (Total Sulphur)
    (Total Sulphur)
      (%ARB) (%adb) (%adb) (%adb)  (%adb) (kcal/kg) 
    ABN 56 HS1913639451.86,1005,600
    ABN 56 RS1913539450.86,1005,600
    ABN 581813539450.86,2505,800
    ABN 59 LS18132.539450.46,3005,900