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Justarina S.M. Naiborhu

Justarina S.M. Naiborhu

President Director

Born in Jakarta, October 27, 1963, Justarina Sinta Marisi Naiborhu earned Bachelor Degree from Institut Pertanian Bogor, Master in International Securities, Investment and Banking from Reading University, UK and Master Degree of Management from Universitas Indonesia.

Previously, She was assigned as served as the President Director of PT CIMBPrincipal Asset Management (2008-2011). Director of PT CIMB-GK Securities Indonesia (2003- 2008), Vice President Institutional Business & Advisory PT Kuo Capital Raharja (2001- 2003), Institutional Portfolio Manager, PT Danareksa Investment Management (1999-2001) and Research & Development Analyst, and as Assistant to the President Director of PT Bursa Efek Jakarta (1992-1997). She was appointed for the first time as the Company’s President Director on May 5, 2011 under Deed No. 88 dated May 5, 2011 made before Jimmy Tanal, SH, substitute of Hasbullah Abdul Rasyid, SH, M.Kn., Notary in South Jakarta.

On June 15, 2017, Justarina Naiborhu was appointed as Commissioner of PT Trisensa Mineral Utama under Deed No. 125 dated June 15, 2017 made before Notary Hasbullah Abdul Rasyid, SH, M.Kn., Notary in South Jakarta. She was also appointed as Director of PT Toba Sejahtra on November 1, 2016 according to Deed No. 2 dated November 1, 2016 made before Notary Hasbullah Abdul Rasyid, SH,M.Kn. in South Jakarta. Pursuant to Deed No. 87 dated May 26, 2017 made before Notary Aryanti Artisari, SH., M.Kn, Notary in South Jakarta, She was re-appointed as President Director of the Company effective since appointment date for the second term. She has no affiliation with other Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors members.