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Dicky Yordan

Dicky Yordan


Born in Jakarta on August 9, 1976, Dicky Yordan earned Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Abor, USA in 198 and Master of Science in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, New York, USA in 2002. He started hsic areer in 1998 – 2000 at PAC Project Advisor, Ann Arbor, MI, USA as Senior Consultant. In 2002-2003 he was assigned as at Byun & Co, Singapura and Associate at PT Anugra Capital Indonesia in 2003-2005. 2005-2006 He acted as Associate at Investment Banking Division, Merrill Lynch, Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2006, He was appointed as Vice President Corporate Coverage, Deutsche Bank, Indonesia and promoted as Director in 2009, Co-Head Global Capital Market, Deutsche Bank, Indonesia and Singapore. In 2011, he was assigned as Managing Director, Joint Head Investment Banking and Financing, Nomura Singapore Limited, Singapore. He is appointed as  Managing Partner, Lynx Asia Partners, Singapore since 2014 until now.

He is first appointed as Director since May 26, 2017 under Deed No. 87 dated May 26, 2017 made before Notary Aryanti Artisari, SH., M.Kn, Notary in South Jakarta. This term is his first terms as Director. Based on Deed No. 39 dated April 18, 2017 made before Substitute Notary Nike Hutami, SH., M.Kn, substitute of Angela Meilany Basiroen, SH, Notary in Jakarta, he was appointed as President Commissioner of PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara.

He has no affiliation with other members of Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.