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Djamal Attamimi

Djamal Attamimi


Born in Semarang on September 30, 1963. Lives in Singapore, Djamal Attamimi earned Bachelor Degree of Economics from University of Califormia – Berkeley, United States and Master in Business Administration from Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam School of Management, in Rotterdam, Netherland. He was appointed as Managing Director, Head of Debt Origination Nomura Securities Singapore. Previously, He was also assigned as Managing Director di Deutsche Bank Singapore as Co-head, Capital Markets & Treasury Solutions, South East Asia dan Head of Investment Banking, Indonesia. He was appointed for the first terms as Commissioner since May 26, 2017 under Deed No. 86 dated May 26, 2017 made before Notary Aryanti Artisari, SH, M.Kn, Notary in Jakarta for 4 (four) years terms since the appointment date. This term is his first period serving as Commissioner in the Company. He has no affiliation with other members of Board of Commissioners or Board of Directors.